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Our Warehousing and Fulfillment

Our order fulfilment service allows online and traditional retailers to outsource their storage, pick and pack service quickly. We have been contract picking and packing for 13 years.  We can help you fulfil orders that are B2B, or direct to the end user B2C, our Professional Fulfilment and Warehouse Service gives you your very own clean storage and general  warehouse area. You won’t be tied in to long contracts for expensive warehousing, you won’t have any rent to pay, no commercial rates, no staff to pay, no electric or gas bills, no transport or fork lift maintenance costs and no daily hassle.

We will free up your time to concentrate on running  your business and increasing your sales. We will take over all the pick and pack daily hassle, we can deal directly with customer queries for you as well if you want us to.

Why you should choose us for your Contract Packing and packing  needs:

•    We are the fulfilment house for UK designer labels and start-up companies
•    Facilities to create 1,000s of picks per month
•    Currently dispatch over £4,000,000 worth of stock a year
•    Clean hygienic dedicated packing areas
•    Associated storage of 4,000 sq. ft. for finished packed products and long term storage
•    Labelling, Bar Coding and Re-work, FBA, FBM, Ebay dispatch etc
•    We can accept your products from 8am to 3pm into our secure warehouses. We can unpack containers and hand ball off HGV’s onto pallets. We check stock quality and damages on arrival.
•    You can give us direct access to your order systems, e-mail or website.
•    Collate and pick and pack orders in appropriate order and despatch by the most cost effective carriers.
•    Maintain stock control to agreed level.
•    We offer a per minute rate for pick, pack and fulfilment with a very low minimum pick charge.
•    We can also deal with any customer return and re labelling.
•    We have shipped to almost every county in the world.

We will help you grow your business and let you increase your business size and sales with no additional risk for you so you can focus on increasing your profits.

Our 100% Pick and Pack satisfaction Guarantee

You would think every fulfilment company would offer a 100% guarantee? but no.
We pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail our staff put into each and every client and we work hard to minimise picking errors. However, we are all human so rather than offer a 100% correct order guarantee we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

All staff are trained across all client areas so they can step in as and when necessary. However, most of the time the same person deals with the whole order process for a specific client. This allows them to have product knowledge, awareness of stock levels and a passion for the company they are working on behalf of.

In the unlikely event of an error occurring we will do everything we can to rectify the situation. Firstly we apologise to you and if necessary your customer for our error. Then to put things right we will:

•    Re Pick and Pack a replacement order free of charge
•    Cover the cost of shipping the replacement to a UK address
•    We will also include a free post return envelope for your customer to return the original order.

We will of course do our best to ensure order errors do not occur but in the event that they do we will do our very best to make the situation right.

No Minimum Volume – No Long contracts

There are no minimum volumes and absolutely no minimum contract periods although we can reduce cost further if you do have a contract. Our Clients have also told us how they have saved a significant amount of money on packaging and shipping costs. Our aim is to be one of the best UK fulfilment companies offering our clients the very best pick, pack and fulfilment  service in the UK. We are one of only a couple of fulfilment companies to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Want to stand out from the crowd?

We call it wrap it your way; you can tell us exactly how you would like your goods to be wrapped and packed and we will follow your instructions.

We add your instructions to your packing bench, so all staff members know the different packing procedures. 

Wrap it your way has been designed to allow our clients to enforce their brand awareness directly to the customer. For example, let’s say you sell baby clothes and would like us to wrap certain items in your red tissue paper sealed with branded tape? No problem. You may also like to add a leaflet to or a thank you card? No problem. What about a card for them to give to a friend to get 10% discount? No problem. Our system will make sure every item we send out is done in exactly the way you want it. This all helps to:

•    Make your company stand out from competitors.
•    Get the ‘wow’ factor when customers open their order by making that bit extra special.
•    Create new or repeat business with discount offers or free gifts.
•    Strengthens your brand by using your own packaging and marketing materials.

This typically takes a couple of extra minutes per order but we think it is well worth the small investment into your brand, and only costs approximately 50p extra per order.



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