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We sell such a wide range of items that it is difficult to apply a single guarantee policy across all our products. We monitor our suppliers on a regular basis and if for any reason we find their products to be deteriorating in quality, we will address this as a matter of urgency.

Specific guarantee information is provided on all product pages where relevant.

Should you have a problem with any product that we have sold please contact us by email at in the first instance, and we will endeavour to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Please provide as much information as possible (customer name, order number, and full description of problem with pictorial evidence if at all possible) when you contact us to enable us to deal with your concerns in a timely and efficient manner.

Additional Information for wooden products

Please note that wood is a living product. Being a natural product, it reacts to changes in atmospheric conditions. Some splitting of the timber (known as shakes) may occur as it expands and contracts with changes of humidity and temperature. This is perfectly natural and does not affect the integrity of the timber or of the structure it is used in. Despite technical drying methods, it is impossible to completely prevent some degree of warping, the formation of resin and cracks - especially on the outside surfaces. This is simply nature at work and therefore should not be considered a fault.