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Welcome to the Kitchen gifts section!

Have a look at the Breakfast Tray, for those that know to have breakfast in the comfort of a bed or sofa! It has a neat foldaway design that will means it will fit tidily in the cupboard after use.

If you are sick of those circular marks on the table, we have a broad range of coasters (so broad in fact that we are even equipped to supply to plants – Plant Coaster). We have Humorous Coasters for the home; we have Recycled Coasters from old coffee cups that have pleasing aesthetics similar to slate; we also have Target Coasters that are very pleasing to the eye and table of course.

We also have a good selection of Pizza accessories from Pizzacraft. Should you wish to make perfect pizzas in your home or garden these are the products for you.

Lots more too, have a browse!

Afraid of spiders? The Spider Catcher may well just your saviour. It allows you to catch the spiders that cause you so much panic and put them outdoors.

[Wipe your feet on] The Space Invader Doormat is activated by a motion sensor; the trademark Space Invader characters then appear on the door mat.

Back to the recycling products: Recycled Napkin Ring Placename by Ashortwalk look very attractive round the table. We also have Recycled Placemats which look great too. With such an eye pleasing appearance and with the additional conscious thought that you are helping the environment, these items are not to be missed.