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Arbour and Arches

Arbours make a great focal point and refuge in your garden. At Home and Garden Gifts, we have a wide range of wooden arbours to suit all sizes and shapes of gardens and pockets!

Arbours are covered, sheltered spaces (often containing a seat) that are different from pergolas as they usually have just one open side. This makes an arbour a sheltered place to sit, whether it’s from the chill of the Spring or Autumn breeze, or from the heat of Summer. Adding an arbour to a really hot patio makes it possible to create an area of instant shade without the hassle of sourcing a patio umbrella.

Planting around an arbour with scented climbers, such as honeysuckle, makes a great place to sit. Imagine relaxing on a summer’s evening in your garden while surrounded by the gentle fragrance of herbs and flowers.

Wooden and Metal Garden Arbour and Arches