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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air


Its Officially Spring

As the weather gets warmer its time to start getting out into the garden and working on the summer projects you have invisiged for yourself over the cold winter. To help get you started, we have compiled this list of garden tasks and products that will help you achieve those tasks, as you read down there may even be things you hadn't even thought of.

Spring is also home to the celebration of Mothers Day, the time of year when you can appreciate the main lady in your life, your mum.

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Time to get into the Garden 

With the warmer weather coming its time to look outside at your garden and what needs to be done so you can enjoy the Summer. Its that time of the year where you can spend hours in the sun, honing your greenthumb skills and allowing you to add those final touches to your garden, that will make a perfect picture for your garden parties.

Trees and Shrubs  

There is still time to plant out Trees and Shrubs, they will add to the aesthetic of your garden and they are not seasonal so you can tend to them for years to come. Fruit trees are even better as each year you will get free fruit that will taste GREAT! once planted you can leave them to grow or train them along a wal or fence to make it easer to collect the fruit. See our selection of plants 


Vegatables and Young Plants

If you are thinking of planting our your vegatable patch or planting seeds early to give them a head start so you get a better crop of Vegetables in the summer, rememeber we could still gat another cold spell or even -dare i say it- Snow! So why not be on the safe side and get one of our pop up Greenhouses, Cold Frames and Cloches to protect your young plants from the cold nights, and ensure they survive to blossom in winter.


Planters and Tubs

Clean up your Plant pots and Tubs in preperation for the summer months. A few potted plants with colourful flowers can make a big differance to a tired looking patio or garden. For a real impact go for pots in mixed sizes and shapes, as they will make a bold design statement for your well kept garden. Use Shrubs and Bedding plants that are already in flower for a beautiful instant results. Look for Purlple and Pink plants as they stand out and attract beautiful butterflies. See our great range of planters  

Additional Jobs to consider in Spring

There are a number of Jobs that you now need to start to thing about out in the garden.

  • Garden Lights do they still work? Do you need to give them a clean so they look good for Garden Parties.
  • Time to get out the Cuprinol and clean up the fence pannels and any sheds - garden building you have.
  • Uncover the garden funiture and let it breath and give it a good clean and a coat of lineseed oil if needed.
  • Give your lawn a raking and then give it a treatment of lawn weedkiller and get ready to sow with grass seed.
  • If you have a nice light windowsill now is the time to plant fresh herbs great for cooking
  • Now is the time to prune your rose bushes so they look good for the months to come
  • Sow hardy annuals outdoors now and half hardy annuals in a heated greenhouse
  • Time to make your garden smell, find your loacal stables and see if you can buy some manure its great for roses.
  • Open up the shed and dig out your mower its time to change the oil and spark pluge

We are going to start doing regular updates on what to do out and about. So keep an eye on the site's blog for updates and discount codes or free delivery on prodcuts that will hlep you in the garden. 


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