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Personalsied Classics Wuthering Heights Book

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Personalsied Classics Wuthering Heights

You and your friends can become the main characters throughout this book and you can choose who plays who!  For instance, Catherine Earnshaw can become Samantha Earnshaw!  The choice is yours!

Everything you need is included and it's very easy to complete.  You simply substitute the names of the leading characters with your own chosen names.  You can also customise a message to be printed at the front of the book!

All you have to do is register online or by post with all your custom details, and then you personalised, first edition classic will be dispatched within 28 days.

Change the names of these Characters:

  • Heathcliff
  • Catherine Earnshaw
  • Edgard Linton
  • Isabella Linton
  • Hndley Earnshaw
  • Ellen 'Nelly' Dean 
Average delivery time is 2-3 days but please allow up to 7 days.