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Personalised Classics Treasure Island Book

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Personalised Classics Treasure Island Book

The Classic book of pirates and treasure - but with your name in this novel!
You and your friends become the main characters printed throughout the book and you can choose who plays who!  For instance, Long John Silver can become Long Steven Silver!  The choice is yours.

Everything you need is inside.  You simply substitute the names of the leading characters with your own chosen names using the Cast List to help you.  Include your own message to appear in print at the front of your book, then simply register either online or by post. Your tailor-made Personalised Classic Novel - First Edition - will then be sent to you.

Change the names of these Characters:

Jim Hawkins
Squire Trelawney
Dr Livesey
Captain Smollett
Long John Silver
Ben Gunn

What's Inside

Welcome Letter
Your Gift Explained
Cast List
About Robert Louis Stevenson and the Novel
Registration booklet including an activation code should you wish to register on line
Personalised Classics Notebook

After Registration

You will be sent your Personalised Classic - first edition! This is dispatched within 28 days of registration

Average delivery time is 2-3 days but please allow up to 7 days.