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Personalised robin hood book

Personalised Classics Robin Hood Book

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Personalised Classic Literature - Be In The Book

This unique gift allows you to personalise the characters in the classic novel 'Robin Hood', to whoever you want, which would make your version the only one of it's kind in the world. Due to this very original idea, you are able to provide a christening gift that will never be forgotten, or a child's birthday gift. The bespoke nature of changing Robin Hood's name allows you to make somebody you know the protagonist in this timeless story, allow them to feel like a hero as they battle the wit of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Everything you need is contained inside, it comes with a cast list where you decide the names that will be put in the story, and then you send off the cast list and the dedication statement to the company, and they will have your gift to you within 28 days.

Change the names of these Characters:

  • Robin Hood
  • Little John
  • Friar Tuck
  • The SHeriff of Nottingham
  • Allan a Dale
  • Sir Richard of the Lea
  • Maid Marion
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