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Money Pots with Hoops

Terramundi Money Pots with Hoops

Here you will find a selection of Terramundi terracotta money pots which are all similar in that they are all decorated with Hoops, in various colours and various widths!

They can all be personalised, if required, in various colour texts, from Silver, Gold, Black, Green, Red, Pink, Gold or White. You can request which colour you would prefer when ordering, or just leave it to Terramundi to choose the colour most suitable to the pot.

These Amphora's come from Italy as rough clay pots and are then sanded until smooth and painted several times to make them into beautiful pots, standing approximately 17 - 19cms high and ready to be fed with all your coins! Once full they have to broken open whilst you make a wish.

Pot D44 Pink and Silver Hoops
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Terramundi Money Pot  Baby Pink And Silver Hoops These pots are available in standard and deluxe sizes. The standard pot stands around 17-19cm tall...

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Delivery time for standard pots is around 3 - 5 days. Personalised pots is approximately 7 days due to drying time.

Terracotta Money Pot Beige with Gold Mini Suess

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