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Terramundi Money Pots

Terramundi money pots are the perfect gift for any loved one, no matter what their age or tastes. We all have our wish lists of things we'd like to buy, if we could only save the money! A Terramundi money pot allows you to give your loved ones that chance - whether giving to a new addition to the family for their future University fund, or to a parent for a cheeky retirement fund!

A Terramundi pot is a money box that should not be opened until it is full thereby detering the owner from breaking into their savings fund. These moneyboxes can be personalised to suit the person they are for or perhaps to mark a special occasion like a Christening or Wedding Day.

All our Terramundi pots can be personalised to say almost* anything you want! You can choose white, gold, silver, yellow or red writing, so making them suitable for any occasion. They also come in a huge range of designs to keep even the most grumpy teenager happy! We have every current design on our website so you will be spoilt for choice!

These terracotta Amphoras come from Italy as rough clay pots and are then sanded until smooth and painted several times to make them into beautiful pots. They stand approximately 17 - 19cms high and are ready to be fed with all your coins! Once full they have to be broken open whilst you make a wish.

It is traditional to spend the money from within the pot on 'good things' and to replace a moneypot once it has been broken. This is meant to bring good fortune to the owner of the pot. The easiest way to get into your moneybox is to put the end of a chisel or back of a hammer into the coin slot and lever the top. There is a weakness deliberately put into the design so the lid comes away cleanly leaving you with a pot you can put to another use. Of course if you prefer you can just drop the pot to the ground (inside a plastic bag if you want to avoid too much mess!) and allow it to smash!

So, if you know someone who needs a moneybox to save for a holiday, a pony, a computer, a bike, a designer handbag, a new kitchen, tickets for the football or rugby, a car - or for anything else you can think of, no matter how big or small - a Terramundi money pot makes the perfect gift!

Below is our range of Etruscan Money Amphora pots