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world traveller personalised map

Personalised World Traveller Map - Dark Frame



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Personalised World Travel Map

A unique gift for an avid traveller, the personalised traveller map is a beautifully illustrated world map that has been mounted in a wooden frame. The set comes with 100 map pins (5 x 20 pins) for the recipient to detail their world travels throughout their years. The 5 different colours are co-ordinated with a key in the bottom right hand corner of the map that can be personalised to be for anything you want for example you could have a top 20 favourites key.

The map has been laminated, so you can write on the map and detail anything that is important regarding your travels. The map's title can be personalised with up to 70 characters of your choice (including spaces), as well as 5 personalised details in the map's key. This is a great gift for somebody who have been well traveled, or even somebody who is planning to be. It makes a great centerpiece for your wall, and will help you in all of your documenting needs.

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