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History of my House

History of My House



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History of Your House in Maps

The History of my house portfolio uses a number of historic and current map resources to create a personalised portfolio that is just for your home and your area. When you provide a post code and address for the house you'd like to center the images on, we will begin to make your image bank that will contain up to 7 maps/surveys of your house from the year of 1841 to the 1960's. Therefore, you will receive a number of maps that are in varying styles, so you can sit and witness the physical changes to your local environment over 150 years, and including an aerial recent aerial view.

The maps are in two scales (1:2,500 & 1:10,560) because of the changes in cartography practices in the past century. All of the maps will come with a relevant legend that will help you understand the map extract in your possession. On top of the historical images of your home, the set also comes with a full colour aerial photograph (1:2,500 & 1:10,560) that was taken in the year 2000, and a full colour OS landranger map base that is centralised on your home and is taken from the most recent ordnance survey (RRP £5.95)

On top of the maps provided in your homes portfolio, the set comes with additional advice that will help you investigate further into the past of your home. The portfolio of your homes cartographic history is presented in a deluxe case that has an internal mechanism that allows for the removal of maps without damage, and it has additional space for you to insert more maps when you complete your research.

(Only available for England & Wales).

Upon order completion we will require your post code and address, after that, your map set should be ready within 7 working days.

Average delivery time is 7-10 days but please allow up to 14 days.