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world map jigsaw

400 Piece World Map jigsaw



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Customisable World Map Jigsaw

This 400 piece jigsaw puzzle uses a historical archive of the different cartographic designs featured in the iconic Collins Bartholomew world map archive, which houses every world map undertaken by the Collins company from 1890 - present day. These customisable puzzles contain a panel underneath where you can add a 60 character message to this already very special gift.

The best thing about your personalised message is that it won't be revealed until the recipient finishes the puzzle, the completed jigsaw will reveal a border that has been made out of historical events from that year, meaning that this puzzle keeps giving even after completion.

Made using 1.5mm millboard

The completed puzzle measures 472 x 312mm (18 x 12 inches).

Average delivery time is 7-10 days but please allow up to 14 days.