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400 Piece Landranger Map Jigsaw



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400 Piece Landranger Map Jigsaw

If you know a jigsaw fanatic or happen to be one yourself, this is the perfect gift! This fantastic idea for a jigsaw allows you to piece together a jigsaw that is centered on a place of your choice. This unique jigsaw is made-to-order and with an address and postcode of the place you would like your jigsaw to be centered on provided when ordering, this jigsaw can be made especially for you.

The jigsaw contains 400 pieces and the map design will provide a difficult but fascinating jigsaw experience. The centre piece of the jigsaw is a house to allow an easy start and then the rest is left up to you to complete using your knowledge and experience of jigsaws.

This intriguing jigsaw will make a lovely gift for any jigsaw fans and the tricky puzzle will allow the recipient to draw on their local knowledge. There are a number of different map styles for you to choose from when buying your jigsaw, so you can pretty much personalise the whole jigsaw for either yourself or someone you love. The jigsaw itself is made from 1.5mm quality millboard and will make a lovely, high-quality gift.

Average delivery time is 7-10 days but please allow up to 14 days.