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Flame Disk Grilling Kit

FlameDisk Grilling Kit

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FlameDisk Grilling Kit

Barbecuing is one of our favourite pastimes.Cleaning the barbie afterwards unfortunately is not!  We now have the perfect alternative, the FlameDisk Grilling Kit - The clean and convenient eco-friendly alternative to charcoal

FlameDisk is easy to use and far safer and cleaner than traditional grilling fuels. There are no hot coals, no ash and no soot leftover, that's the definition of no clean up! There is nothing left behind except the aluminum shell, which cools in a matter of minutes and can even be recycled.

Clean up after grilling has never been easier - in fact, clean up is basically non-existent! The FlameDisk can be used in any BBQ grill to cook a variety of foods. Just drop it in the bottom of the grill, peel the lid and FlameDisk lights easily with one match.The FlamDisk is instantly ready to cook and provides at least 40 minutes of grilling. The FlameDisk Grilling Kit can be used again and again, however you need to purchase the actual FlameDisks separately as they can only bu used once. 

FlameDisk Grill Specification

Instant assembly and disassembly with no tools

  • Lever heat adjustment for precise cooking temperature
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Grilling surface 13.5 inches


  • 1 FlameDisk Grill
  • 1 FlameDisk
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Book of Matches
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