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Become a Supplier

If you are a retailer looking to develop further sales through on-line retailing we could be of interest to you.

At Home and Garden Gifts we specialise in building web traffic and through this building sales for those retailers that list with us.

Whether you have one product or a hundred products we can provide an easy route for you to reach thousands of customers, you even don’t have to have your own web site.

As part of our service we provide is a telephone service for customers who need that extra bit of information or advice about your products.

See our suppliers page and see if there are any of your competitors already getting a slice of Home and Garden Gifts sales.

If you would like to hear a bit more about what we do please send us your details and we will send you some information with no obligation on your part.

Listing with Home and Garden Gifts

Why list with us?

As a supplier, you will understand the frustration of having invested in a great-looking website, only to find that you don’t feature very highly in search engine results. Clearly, if potential customers cannot find you, they cannot buy your products.
If you were to list your products on the Home and Garden Gifts website, you would be joining a website that is front-page ranked for many of the search keywords related to products already on our website. After some optimisation from us, you will also find us as a top result for your products.

“Terramundi have been working in conjunction with Home and Garden Gifts for twelve years. "Home and Garden Gifts are now one of our best-selling websites. An efficient system of ordering and invoicing has ensured everyone is kept up to date. It’s a win-win situation!”

What exactly do you get out of it?

• A company that has an interest in the success of your products. If we can’t make money for you, then you aren’t going to make money for us.
• A more exclusive outlet for your products than a directory website or eBay – you will be the ONLY supplier in that category on our website to supply your particular products.
• The security of having all payments from customers handled for you through our 3D Secure payment process, eliminating any risk of credit card fraud against you.
• An existing and growing daily stream of website traffic to your products - over 500,000 hits per month.
• Opportunities to feature your products on our Home Page, to be in a top listing position on a product section page, and to take part in competitions and customer incentives
• It’s not just about sales – your presence on Home and Garden Gifts as an additional ‘shop window’ could be invaluable for getting your products seen and known. Customers might not buy through Home and Garden Gifts – they might buy through your own website having seen your products on our website.
• Opportunities to develop your business. As a registered supplier with us, we will let you know what products customers are searching for on our website. If we don’t already stock them, why don’t you supply them to us?
• The chance to feature in PR campaigns in major magazines for free if your products are chosen to be featured in a campaign for the site as a whole, provided you are able to supply high resolution images and samples of your products.

For much, much less than the cumulative costs of running your own website and having it Search Engine Optimised, you will be listed on a number one ranked website.

How does it work?

We only list items that are available for ‘drop ship’ (direct mail order). This means we do not hold stock but take and process the order (including customer payment) for you.

Once your product(s) have been listed on our website, this is how you get paid:

1. Customer purchases “product A” from
2. Home and Garden Gifts receives payment for “product A” from customer
3. Home and Garden Gifts places order with supplier for “product A”
4. Home and Garden Gifts pays supplier for goods
5. Supplier ships “product A” directly to customer

Because Home and Garden Gifts pays the supplier for goods/products ordered, the risk of credit card fraud is eliminated.

What are the fees?

• A one off setup fee to cover all initial administration which must be paid before any work is carried out on your completed spreadsheet.
• Negotiable sales commission on every sale made through the website.

Why do we charge?

• Suppliers do not keep us up to date. So we end up with products out of stock or wrong prices and no sales!
• We can spend more time learning about the products for when customers call – this helps increase sales.
• We can spend more time optimising the individual products online.
• We can try to arrange to get features in Magazines.
• We will do some PPC (pay per click) advertising for your products.
• We can chase you more for special offers, clearance lines, and price changes.
• We can tell customers about discounts and special offers via email.
• We can get our affiliates to push your products more with new banners (which cost from £30.00 for a very basic specification).
• We can write and send out marketing emails to all our subscribers, dedicated to your products.
• We can spend more time on undertaking advanced (Search Engine Optimisation) on your products.
• We will add your products to our ‘Latest Products’ section for extra exposure.

What do you do now?

If you’re interested in working with Home and Garden Gifts or would like further information, you can either fill out our online form or call us. We will answer any questions you may have and send out a product spreadsheet with instructions on how to complete it.

Banner Advertising on Home and Garden Gifts

If you would like to have a banner in the main sections of the site it will cost £1,200 a year. Unlimited impressions

For more information please email us on