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Lillevilla 66 Log Cabin
£5,002.00   £4,990.50

The Lillevilla 66 cabin has double doors and two windows which are double glazed.

This cabin includes a 2 metre covered terrace.

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Lillevilla 40 Log Cabin

The Lillevilla 40 log cabin with canopy and terrace creates additional living space for entertaining friends and family, or can be used as a home office.

The cabin measures 4.0m x 4.7m (including veranda) making it suitable for the smaller garden.

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Lillevilla 125 Log Cabin
£3,501.00   £3,490.50

The Lillevilla 125 cabin is under 2.5 m high and makes a perfect garden retreat.

A summer house or home garden office will give your property extra value.

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Lillevilla 126 Log Cabin
£3,502.00   £3,445.50

The Lillevilla 126 log cabin is fantastic value for money.

So whether you are looking for a retreat, extra living space, a garden office or hide away this summer house is for you.

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Lillevilla 128 Log Cabin
£4,402.00   £4,345.50

The Luxury Lillevilla 128 cabin is under 2.5 m high which complies with the new planning regulations

Fantastic as a home office, gym or additional living space.

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Lillevilla 70 Log Cabin
£3,802.00   £3,745.50

The Lillevilla 70 log cabin with terrace is a real favourite. It has a single door and one double glazed window.

If you work from home it makes the perfect sized garden office for a 2 people.

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Lillevilla 80 Log Cabin
£5,502.00   £5,290.50

The Lillevilla 80 log cabin is a very popular model ideal for using as a home gym or home garden office.

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Lillevilla 100 Log Cabin
£8,597.00   £8,190.50

The Lillevilla 100 log cabin can provide extra living space to accommodate weekend visitors or additional living space through out the week.

A log cabin can also be used as a home garden office or used to set up a home business.

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Lillevilla 228 Log Cabin
£10,002.00   £9,900.50

The Lillevilla 228 luxury log cabin and porch.

Is a beautiful open plan cabin making it a great home garden office, retreat, garden room or additional living space for the family.

Free Roof Shingles with this cabin.

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Lillevilla 220 Log Cabin
£10,001.00   £9,960.50

The Lillevilla 220 log cabin has 3 rooms, and a large terrace area.

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