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Garlic Odour Removing Soap

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Garlic Odour Removing Soap

Doesn't it bug you when you've finished cooking the dinner and even after washing your hands, you can still smell those lingering smells? Perfect for foods such as fish, garlic and onion, this incredible stainless steel soap-shaped bar is just what you need to rid your hands of those horrible smells!

Ideal in the kitchen, this amazing product is even better than a real bar of soap at removing odours. Simply rub the stainless steel marvel in your hands under cold water, just as you would a normal bar of soap, and onion, garlic and fish odours disappear completely!

This fantastic product never wears out and no additional cleaning is necessary.

The black plastic soap dish is included when you buy the product. 

Another innovative product from The Garlic Twist company - don't ask us how it works, it just does!

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