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Crouching Baby Duck.

Wooden Baby Duck - Crouching

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Crouching Wooden Baby Duck.

Each baby duck is uniquely made by hand which makes a wonderfully unique quality apparent throughout the DCUK range. The variation occurs due to different shades of wood (reclaimed bamboo and teak) which gives you the reassurance that each duck is a handcrafted and special gift for anyone you know.

You have the option to turn your ornamental duck into a personalised gift for a family member or friend, by changing the name of your duck to anything you wish, it could be an inside joke or the nickname you've shared for years. If you decide against the personalised wooden name tag, the duck will still have a name that was assigned to the duck by it's maker.

Our aim is to always provide you with what you want hastily and effectively, however, due to the handcrafted composition of these ornamental pieces, we do not always have available stock in office, therefore if we haven't got the duck to hand, we shall call you or email you to come to a compromise or negotiate a new deal for a different duck.

Height: 10cm

Colour: Natural

Usually within 2-3 days but please allow up to 1 week.
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