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Duckling Facing Right.

Small Duckling - Facing Right

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Small DCUK Wooden Duckling (Facing Right).

Every duckling is handmade creating beautiful and subtle inconsistencies between each one. No two ducklings are the same, individual ducklings all vary in shape, and due to the combination of bamboo and teak, they also have their own patterns and marks created by the hybrid of the materials.

To add to the unique nature of this product, why not buy a personalised gift tag which allows you to give your duckling a name –This adds to the appeal, making the ornamental wooden duckling a great gift for a birthday or a christening, you can pick something funny or sentimental.

It is part of our ethos to provide you with the service you ordered and expected, however, as the ducks are handmade there can be a little discrepancy in the time frame in which you will receive your duck. However, if the expected time is too long then we will call you to arrange a phone call where we can come to an agreement, or provide you with a different style of duck.

Height: 18cm

Colour: Natural Wood

Usually within 2-3 days but please allow up to 1 week.
Duckling Looking Left.

Small Duckling - Facing Left

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