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Force Field Room Alarm.

Force Field Room Alarm

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Force Field Room Alarm.

If you’ve grow tired of intruders snooping around your room when they shouldn’t be, why not do something about it? In fact, why not do something smart and calculated about it – calculated being an accurate description of the solution available to you to end this infringement of privacy. With the force field room alarm you can be warned when someone is too close for comfort, allowing you to take the necessary course of action to rid them from your chambers.

An electronic eye detects when someone is coming, if an intruder takes a step too far they risk sounding the alarm. It shouldn’t take long for them to understand that you are not to be messed with and that they should keep their distance next time.

You get the pleasure of building it too, so that when it’s all set up and ready, you get the satisfaction of having protected your property yourself.

Kit contains:

  • 32-page security booklet
  • plastic case
  • 2 keys
  • sticky strips
  • electronic components for YOU to install
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