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Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4

Battlefield 4

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EA Games
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Battlefield 4 for PS4

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Introducing Battlefield 4, the warfare game changer, coupled with the reliability of the frostbite 3 engine crisp visuals and sound, the single player will test you as yourself and your team struggle in impossible conditions, to safely return VIP Americans.With sharper graphics than ever before the single player mode will keep you completely immersed, you will not want to pry away an eye… until you meet the multiplayer mode.

The newest Battlefield 4 instalment boasts the same sort of multi-player ferocity it had in battlefield 3, however with a hybrid of sharper graphics, increased game play quality, stronger servers and new weapons/ accessories. New battle maps and expansions expected left right and centre, we have a feeling this will be one of the most successful war games yet.

The game promotes this realism that is becoming common place in the modern gaming world; Battlefield 4 is really pushing the boundaries of the modern warfare format, and the reintroduction of a commander mode, which allows you to control a battle from your desktop, or on the go from your tablet.

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