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twister espresso mugs

Twister Espresso Cup Gift Set

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Novelty Twister Espresso Cup Gift Set (Pack of 4)

Drink your coffee with a twist thanks to this set of four official twister cups. The mugs are all espresso size, making them perfect for your morning pick me up, and you can smile as you reminisce over old games of twister after too much wine and too much time. This is a brilliant gift set for the espresso lover, it will put a smile on every drinkers face while they sup their espresso on their coffee break. The well printed twister illustration will stay vibrant after hundreds of washes, a great gift for the flexible lover of Twister.

Patented in 1966, Twister became a toy phenomenon in the same year when it was played on the tonight show, in the following weeks millions of units were sold. The game was revolutionary to the toy industry, it was the first game to ever use the human body as a playing piece, and it was the first in a long line of physically active child toys.