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Robot Dance Mug.

The Robot Dance Mug by Ginger Fox

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Ginger Fox
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How to do the Robot Dance Mug

This fantastic mug will not only provide you with a hearty-sized cup to drink your tea or coffee from, but it will also teach you some awesome dance moves whilst you wait for your hot beverage to cool down; it's not so often you find a mug that can do that!

Put some excitement into your tea break with this Ginger Fox mug, teach yourself the popular 'robot' dance move and whether you think you can dance or not, try your luck at learning this impressive dance move with the demonstrative illustrations and written instructions covering the mug. So whilst your tea is cooling down, pass the time by breaking into dance and then reward yourself with a fabulous cup of your favourite hot beverage. This mug will make a great gift for the overly-energetic office worker or the athletic family member! You never know, the recipient of the mug might be a natural and become king of the dance floor in no time!

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