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Fairy Garden Growth kit

Sow and Grow - Magical Fairy Flowers

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Grow Your Own Fairy Garden

This fantastic grow it yourself kit allows you to teach your child an important lesson in patience and the need to work at something in order for it to grow. It will allow you and your daughter to experience significant bonding hours over the growing of your own fairy garden. This is a great experience for a young daughter, it gives her important development time with a parent and it gives them something to work towards that doesn't happen overnight, which is an integral development and teaches children that patience has positive effects.

The kit also teaches a child about nature and it gives you everything you need to grow your own magical fairy kingdom, full of flowers that entice the fairies, and even if you aren't fortunate to see a fairy, the flowers are beautiful and they add a unique touch to your garden. A gift for your little girl that promotes essential bonding time, and works as a brain development tool.

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