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Butterfly garden

Sow and Grow - Butterfly Garden

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Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden With Your Daughter

Use this kit to have fun with and educate your daughter during their highest development years, with this sow and grow butterfly garden. The kit contains everything you need to grow your own butterfly garden from behind closed doors, making it a great project to start during the end of winter so your butterfly garden is ready for the summer. The seeds inside are for different species of plants that are known to attract a number of different butterflies that are native to the UK.

This kit allows you and your little girl to get your hands dirty, and will definitely teach them; discipline, patience and gardening skills, making this a truly unique gift for your precious daughter. On top of teaching her all of that, when you complete the project you will have something physical to appreciate, something that you made entirely from scratch which is completely rewarding, better yet, you get the opportunity to spend prolonged periods of time with your beautiful child.