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carrot growing kit

Grow Me - Ho Ho Ho

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Grow Your Own Carrots

This grow your own kit allows you to grow carrots in preparation for snowman's noses, or just a nice Sunday roast. Either way, this kit will ensure you get fresh carrots for their intended meal. Better still, the kit allows you to grow carrots from scratch without even leaving the house. The carrots will be completely fresh and will taste beautiful when cooked. A great gift for a gardening lover, or a lover of good food, this carrot growing kit will satisfy the end user as they watch this thing they have planted and tended grow into fresh edible veg for the family.


Find your inner Greenthumb!


  • 1 x packet of carrot seeds
  • 1 x plant pot -Coconut husk-
  • 1 x compost disc
  • 1 x wooden plant marker