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Grow It Chilli Plants

Grow It Chilli Plants

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Grow Chilli Plants From Home

Add a bit of spice to your meals with the grow your own chilli kit, the kit comes with 5 separate species of chilli that will add a variety that will soon become your spice of life. Chilli has long been a popular food flavouring throughout numerous cultures worldwide. However, the chilli plant is native to the Americas, and was transported to different areas of the world during 15th century throughout the Christopher Columbus era, however speculation suggests that the chili plant has been consumed for up to 6000 years, and the plant could have been domestically pollinated shortly after the first known consumption.

Upon receiving the kit you will have everything you need to grow your own chili peppers in your garden or home, and as you sit and wait for the heat you can ponder the history of human's relationship with this curious food. You can also educate yourself on the different types of chilli plants and their uses in specific cooking practices.


  • 1x Anaheim chilli seeds
  • 1x Jalapeno chilli seeds
  • 1x Hungarian Hot Wax chilli seeds
  • 1x Tepin chilli seeds (caution - very hot!)
  • 1x Tabasco chilli seeds
  • 5x Compost discs (Coconut Husk)
  • 5x Growing pots (Coconut Husk)
  • 5x Plant markers
  • Chilli plant growing tips and hints
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