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Grow It Carnivorous Plants-GR200010

Grow It Carnivorous Plants

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Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants

In the plant kingdom, there is nothing quite as alien a the carnivorous plant. Fortunately there are none big enough to be of any harm to you, but they are a great way to get rid of nuisance insects during the summer such as flies, spiders and even wasps, without using one of those sprays that makes your house smell for hours. Carnivorous plants typically live in areas that have depleted amounts of nutrients, especially a deficiency of nitrogen in the soil such as South American jungles, but they will survive happily in a UK climate.

There are two types in this set:


Pitcher Plant (pitfall traps):-

The pitfall trap has a deep cavity that is filled with a succulent nectar that entices different insects into the plant where acids and enzymes are used to break down the insect into a liquid that the plant can digest. The inner walls of the cavity are ribbed and covered in a lubricated liquid to prevent the insect from escaping

Venus flytrap:-

The most famous carnivorous plant in the world is the Venus Flytrap, this plant has an ingenious design that makes it a formidable predator in the plant world. Inside it's leaves are small hairs that make the leaves rapidly snap shut when they are brushed past. This stealthy predator has a sweet nectar beneath it's hairs which attracts it's favourite meal, flies!

Carnivorous Contents:

  • 1x Packet of pitcher plant seeds
  • 1x Packet of venus fly trap seeds
  • 5x Growing pots made of coconut husk
  • 5x Natural compost discs made from coconut husk
  • 5x Wooden signs
  • 1x Carnivorous plant growers manual
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