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Grow It Bonsai Trees-GR200006

Grow Bonsai Trees - Gift Box

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Grow Your Own Bonsai Trees

The inspiring art of Bonsai, has been a part of Japanese culture for over 1400 years, it is the art of creating a a table sized tree for your home or back garden, that is restricted in size due to it's constant care and the pot it has been contained in. Bonsai trees are known to be one of the most difficult things to grow and maintain, they are a symbol of tranquility and they provide massive amounts of satisfaction over years of being tended to, some of the older bosai's in the world date back up to 800 years.

With this kit, you are now able to grow your own Bonsai from home, and you can partake in the aged culture that has been practiced as an exercise of peace for centuries. The kit comes with everything you need to successfully start your bonsai growth and an advice booklet to help you understand the practices you need to complete in order for ensured bonsai growth,


  • 4 x mixed bonsai seeds packets
  • 5 x wooden markers
  • 5 x organic coconut compost discs
  • 5 x organic coconut husk pots
  • 1x Bonsai growing information booklet
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