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Wallet Key Fob

Wallet Key Fob

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Wallet Key Fob

You could keep your spare front door key under the mat, on a piece of string from the letterbox, or under the flower pot, but as it's so commonly known that people do this, it's not a great idea to run the risk of someone finding your spare key and breaking into your home. Instead, be clever and safe by using this handy wallet key fob from Touch of Ginger! Simply pop the key into the slot and hey presto, your key will fit perfectly into your wallet, just like a credit card would! You need never be locked out your house again!

This revolutionary key fob is a stylish, etched, stainless steel design and will be an excellent and useful addition to any wallet. This product is a previous winner of 'Gift of the Year' and it certainly will make a handy and clever little gift to give to someone you care about. 

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