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movie night

Movie Night Gift Set

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Good Times Movie Night Gift Set

Bring the Oscars to your home, and become the most critical movie critic ever known with this movie night gift set, it contains everything you need to sit in the quiet comfort of your own home and secretly judge a tonne of films without ever being held accountable for your slander. This is a great gift for a movie buff or a budding film journalist, and it comes complete with an A3 hotdog poster that contains the ingredients of different hot dogs from around the world, and is topped off with iconic hotdog holders and popcorn bags.

The final piece of this gift is a critic's notes journal, which will allow you to practice the processes it takes to become a successful critic, wading through the rubbish that seems to have become a standard in modern day Hollywood. Make sure you get this gift asap, as it will be perfect for any film lover, providing them will the tools they need to have novelty film nights at their house.


  • Critic's Notes Journal
  • Popcorn Bags
  • Film Quiz Games