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Bundle Bean Solar

BundleBean Solar

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UPF 50+ sunshade and UV cover

The BundleBean solar is the evolution of the BundleBean GO! It still has 5 uses, and a waterproof exterior, however unlike the BundleBean Go, BundleBean Solar is great for the times you're in a warmer climate, such as a baby protection outfit for holidays, or maybe the increasing heat of the British Summer has increased your concerns over how much UV light your child is exposed to over the course of the summer months.

After the success of the BundleBean GO! Emily Goodall decided to adapt her product so there was a style that enabled BundleBean to protect and secure your baby for the whole year, and not just during the bitter winter months.

The thin fabric has multiple purposes, and is white in design to reflect the heat and keep your baby cool and safe during the summer. Heat can be very dangerous to a baby, as their skin has not been conditioned to be protective against the sun. Therefore they need a helping hand, as sun damage can be fatal for a child that age.

The BundleBean Solar has 5 separate uses:

  1. Bike Seats: The thin material covers a baby bicycle seat, and offers protection from the harmful UV rays that shine all summer. It also has the added use of keeping your baby extra secure.
  2. Car seats: When the sun is blasting down it can be a great time to go on family outings, however when you travel by car, you may not realise that the glass windows will emphasise the suns rays, and could cause further damage to your child.
  3. Buggies, Prams and Strollers: It's GREAT to be outdoors during the summer months, but as you show your baby the great outdoors, the heat could cause the sunscreen you have slapped on your child to wear thin, however the BundleBean Solar will always provide the same protection.
  4. Beach/Poolside cover: The Solar BundleBean has been designed with a 'hood' shaped corner. When you are at the beach you can put the hood over your babies head and protect their vital areas (neck, scalp and back)
  5. Sling/carriers: If you carry your baby in a sling or a carrier when you're out walking, you[re not left out! The Solar Bundle will cover your baby while they are in your carrier.