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BundleBean Go!

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The All Purpose Baby Blanket

BundleBean are a company that have been birthed from the frustrations of a modern mother, Emily Goodall -the companies creator- had her idea during the early stages of motherhood, and has since used her frustrations in her favour to build a high quality product that is diverse and innovative. The BundleBean GO! is a multi-purpose baby blanket that has five uses during your day-to-day parenthood.

The blanket has a nylon exterior that is coupled with a fleeced interior, making the 5-in-1 baby blanket waterproof when protecting your baby on the bike seat, and if you lay the blanket on on a wet floor the nylon protects the fleece from getting damp and cold.

The BundleBean's 5 uses

  1. Bike Seat Cover:- The BundleBean can cover your baby as they travel with you on the back of your bicycle. The cover will keep your baby warm and dry due to its innovative design.
  2. Car Seat Cover:- The BundleBean also covers car seats, and because it has a nylon exterior it can stop usual baby mess from reaching your child's clean clothes due to the nylon cover.
  3. Stroller/ Pram Cover:- The BundleBean also keeps your baby snug and warm when you're walking with your baby in the pram, if it rains the baby is kept dry, and any wind is blocked by the comfortable fleeced interior.
  4. Baby Blanket:- The primary use of the BundleBean is a babies blanket, after you have cycled to the park with your baby, lay the nylon side on the floor and have a picnic. Even if the ground is wet, the BundleBean will keep your fleeced blanket dry and ready to use.
  5. Baby Sling:- One of the most interesting elements of the 5-in-1 design is that it can be used as a walking carry sling for when you need to transport your baby via foot.