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Buggy Brolly.

Buggy Brolly - Pushchair Umbrella

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Buggy Brolly

Are you a parent and fed up of constantly getting soaked through when out with your little one and the rain comes gushing down? If so, this Buggy Brolly is a must have for you and there's no chance you'll ever regret buying it! This simple product is inexpensive anyway but the relief it will bring to your life is priceless. Undoubtedly easy to use, this buggy brolly simply clamps onto your pushchair or buggy frame and provides an amazing shelter for parents struggling to push the pram and hold onto an umbrella at the same time.

Providing a solution to a problem that parents have been faced with for years, this clever brolly was designed to keep Mum and Dad dry without a struggle and it sure does what it was designed to do! So when walking home from the supermarket, trying to push baby and carry what seems like a million shopping bags, you won't ever have to worry about the rain coming down and making your day seem utterly rubbish; now you can whip open the buggy brolly and say goodbye to soaking wet hair and clothes!

I know what you're thinking, what if you forget to take the brolly with you one morning and it starts to pour with rain? Well, fear not! The buggy brolly comes supplied as one unit, so you can rest assured that you'll never leave home without it and it will be there ready to use the moment the weather changes. There's no need to ever remove the buggy brolly from your pushchair; you can keep it there as an integral part of your buggy and you'll never have to see a drop of rain again. It won't bug you either, so really there's no reason to ever have to unattach it; it will sit there discreetly and act as a simple buggy attachment, until the moment the rain starts to trickle and it pops open and becomes your savior!

This umbrella is incredibly strong and will give you much more coverage and protection than you'd get from a normal umbrella, without the aching pain in your arms from trying to hold your umbrella above your head for hours on end. Extending to a massive 104cm, this fantastic height adjustable buggy brolly will keep even the tallest of parents dry on those rainy days. This modern piece of equipment is available in a range of colours to suit your taste and coordinate with your pushchair. This buggy brolly also has a special UV protective inner-lining which allows it to also be used as a sunshade, affording you extra protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Therefore, this incredible buggy brolley will act as your hero and protect you and baby come rain or shine!

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