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A wooden pergola is a garden feature designed to form a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice, upon which climbing plants can be trained. They can also form a kind of extension on part of a building, as protection for an open terrace. Larger pergolas are ideally suited for linking different parts of the garden, providing secluded areas and creating summer shade.

Pergolas have become popular recently, largely because of TV programmes incorporating them into their garden designs. They're both practical and decorative, providing support for climbing plants, while giving the garden structure. Their open aspect makes them particularly suitable for adding interest to smaller gardens, where more solid shapes, such as walls or fences, would make the limited space feel cluttered.

At Home and Garden Gifts, we stock a comprehensive range of pergolas from such companies as:

  • Tripod
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  • Gablemere
  • Bespoke Pergolas from Home and Garden Gifts

Wooden and Metal Garden Pergolas

Urban Garden Pergola
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Part of The Urban Garden collection from Grange. The Urban Garden Pergola is ideal for dining and entertaining, The screen provides a great wind break as well as being perfect to hang flowers from.

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