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Outdoor Cooking

We have two main differences in outdoor cooking in this section. Firstly the ever popular barbecuing, and secondly - the Hot Wok range from - an outdoor kitchen to a gas burner.

From Bowls to Aprons to Cleavers, we also stock all the covers and accessories you'll need for the complete outdoor dining experience!

BBQ's and outdoor cooking sets.

Cooking Apron
£37.00   £33.22
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Hot Wok Apron

In stock

Bon Fire Travel and Storage Bag
£30.99   £25.49

Convenient travel and storage bag for Bon Fire Barbeque pan.

In stock

Bon-Fire Skewer
£47.00   £23.49

A robust black enameled Skewer with separable 130cm wooden handle. Ideal to use with the Bon-Fire Mobile Kitchen range.

In stock

Convenient travel bag for the Bon-fire Stew Pot

In stock