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Log Cabins and Buildings

Log Cabins are a brilliant alternative to an expensive bricks and mortar extension to your home, while still making the most of the space that you have. They can be any size and shape, and suitable for more or less any purpose! Whether you want some extra space to indulge in your hobbies, a home gym, an entertaining space, an office, an additional space for relaxation, or just about anything else, there is a log cabin solution for you.

The quality of all of our log cabins is first rate as they have been selected for their durability and design so that they’re easy to build and last. Some of our larger cabins are also suitable as a clubhouse, or commercial building, subject to planning regulations.

We are now stocking log cabins from Lillevilla Log Cabins. A family run business that produces log cabins of the highest quality. They are the only company in the UK to have been awarded with a CE mark.

We have log cabins from several top companies, including:

  • Estnest
  • Eurovudas
  • Lillevilla Log Cabins
  • Weka
  • Storemore
  • Rural Leisure

Log Homes, Offices and Summerhouses

Lillevilla 80 Log Cabin
£5,502.00   £5,290.50

The Lillevilla 80 log cabin is a very popular model ideal for using as a home gym or home garden office.

In stock

Lillevilla 231 Log Cabin
£6,001.00   £5,990.50

The Lillevilla 231 log cabin is a luxurious cabin.

Perfect for housing a hot tub or sauna and also large enough to use as a home gym.

In stock

Lillevilla 100 Log Cabin
£8,597.00   £8,190.50

The Lillevilla 100 log cabin can provide extra living space to accommodate weekend visitors or additional living space through out the week.

A log cabin can also be used as a home garden office or used to set up a home business.

In stock

Lillevilla 225 Log Cabin
£9,002.00   £8,990.50

The Lillevilla 225 log cabin with terrace is an open plan cabin ideal for all the family.

Whether you are looking for more living space or a retreat then this cabin will fit your needs.

In stock

Lillevilla 228 Log Cabin
£10,002.00   £9,900.50

The Lillevilla 228 luxury log cabin and porch.

Is a beautiful open plan cabin making it a great home garden office, retreat, garden room or additional living space for the family.

Free Roof Shingles with this cabin.

In stock

Lillevilla 220 Log Cabin
£10,001.00   £9,960.50

The Lillevilla 220 log cabin has 3 rooms, and a large terrace area.

In stock