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Garden Planters

We have a whole range of garden planters from Grange Fencing and Pro Direct at Home and Garden Gifts. From raised beds to pressure treated wood planters, our planters make a convenient and attractive addition to any garden!

The planters are heavy duty wooden troughs, available in various shapes. They are made from pressure treated wood to protect them from weathering and rot. The pressure treatment chemicals give them a slightly greenish tinge, but please be aware that this is not the same as having a green stain or coat of paint! The green tinge will fade over time due to bleaching by the sun.

We also have a selection of Raised Garden Beds for your garden, which makes it much easier to garden without having to bend. These type of beds are ideal for the less able gardeners or gardens which are mostly clay. They look very attractive and can be filled with either fruit or vegetables.

Outdoor planters and raised beds


Herb Wheel Planter
£51.98   £47.25
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This attractive wooden herb planter is a useful and eyecatching feature for any garden. Place it close to your kitchen door on your patio for instant access to those important fresh herbs to enhance your cooking.

In stock

Three Planters with Slate Effect
£161.99   £109.49

Stylish, contemporary, durable and light set of three garden planters which would look stunning grouped together or individually

In stock

Three Ribbed Planters
£158.00   £115.50

A stylish and contemporary set of three garden planters made from the environmentally friendly Fibre Clay which would look great in any garden

In stock

Set of Three fibre made slate effect planters, ideal for your garden or patio.

In stock

Contemporary and stylish set of three garden planters finished in the washed out look

In stock

Ribbed Garden Planter Set of Two
£161.00   £105.50

Two attractive and durable garden planters with a ribbed finish which would look stylish in any household

In stock

Attractive and environmentally friendly set of three Ribbed Planters, ideal for gardens, balconies, patios and conservatories.

In stock

Rustic Raised Bed
£22.99   £21.49

Attractive raised garden beds, ideal for all different garden sizes, and ideal for growing your own vegetables.

In stock

Cold Frame
£54.99   £50.49

This sturdy quality Cold Frame is the ideal environment for hardening off those tender plants, seedlings and vegetables. With its strong frame and shatterproof acrylic lid it is perfect for providing the ultimate insulation.

In stock

Step Planter
£66.99   £65.00

A novel and attractive way of displaying plants in the garden.  Ideal for display purposes, or to use for nurturing seeds, seedlings, etc., this Wooden Step Planter can be used anywhere in the garden, patio or on a balcony.

In stock