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Timber Fence Panel Post

Timber Fence Panel Post

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Traditional Timber Fence Post

These Grange Timber Fence Panel Posts are manufactured from planed pressure treated timber and designed to be permanently exposed to wetting either in ground or fresh water contact.

Manufactured using FSC approved timber which means responsible timber usage and forest management has been used in the making of this post.

Available in 3 different sizes and 2 colours (75mm and PO84G only):


50mm Post

The 50mm post is ideal for smaller items such as trellis

  • PO62 - 180cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 4.7cm (D)
  • PO82 - 240cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 4.7cm (D)

75mm Post (available in green or brown)

  1. The 75mm post is ideal for use with fence panels and gates
  • PO5 - 150cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO6 - 180cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO7 - 210cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO8 - 240cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO9 - 270cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO10 - 300cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)

100mm Post

The 100mm is a designed for when a more robust panel is needed

  • PO64 - 180cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO74 - 210cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO84 - 240cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO94 - 270cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO104 - 300cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • PO84G - 270cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D) (Pressure treated green)
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