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Valencia Arbour

Valencia Arbour

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Valencia Wooden Arbour

The trellis that is featured on all sides makes this furnishing perfect for any climbing plant in your garden, meaning you can put it in a shaded corner and let nature take its course on the item's already beautiful design by adding its own, or equally, its simple design would make it stand out just as it looks in it's original state. All of the timber that is used in the construction of this arbour are sourced from FSC forrests, and they are all replaced sustainably. The craftsmanship is done by hand, and it will definitely stand the test of time.

Use this arbour as the perfect vantage point for the garden. 

Pre-Painted Colour Range

Each product can be pre-painted from a range of 4 colours: Sage Green, Cornish Cream, Heritage Blue and Dove Grey.

The unique colouring system offers a longer life, up to 5 years with added protection against UVA and comes with a free 'touch-up' pot which can be kept for future touch-up use.

Please note that pre-painted products are available at an extra cost with an extended lead time and the colours change their appearance in different lighting conditions.


  • Height: 235cm
  • Width: 174cm
  • Depth: 74cm