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Fun Toys

Here we have a large selection of toys which all have one thing in common - FUN! Whether you wish to race your hampster or shoot your friends with a ball of air, you will find it here. Lots of fun, lots of choice and lots of giggles all found under this section.

Toys your kids will love

Over 350 self adhesive Glow Stars to create a galaxy in your bedroom, magical!

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Gelli Baff - Bath Colourant!
£8.30   £5.90
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Changes your bath water into a coloured goo! The amazing part is, you just add the 'goo dissolver' and it changes back!

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Magical Unicorn Soft Toy
£34.99   £33.58

Our Magical Unicorn is extremely versatile and very cute making him an ideal naptime companion.

He's 71cm long and made of high quality, super soft chenille making him super cuddly

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