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Babies Accessories

Baby foot muffs / Sleeping bags.

Sleeping bags for babies provide the perfect mix of comfort, safety and convenience for your baby, because your baby is essentially wearing their blanket. You can be assured that your child is consistently warm and free from becoming entangled in their bedding.

Baby Bibs

Our baby bibs are made by Baby Sense, Mum2Mum and Samsonite combining many practical designs with fun styling to make them appealing to you and your infant.

Swim wear

Konfidence bring you a fun and safe approach to swimming with their range of UV Protective clothes, baby swim wear, swim nappies and wetsuits all recommended by the Sunday Times and Baby World.

Potty Training

Unlike 'pull-up pants' or other traditional potty training nappies, the Bright Bots pants are designed to absorb a small 'accident' while allowing your child to know that they should be using their potty or the toilet. Each time your child has an 'accident', the pants need to be changed, so our multipacks of 3 and 5 are perfect to pack for your child's nursery visits or excursions away from home. The pants are also fully machine washable so they are environmentally friendly too!